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Here at Cerasis, we think it’s important that our clients and customers understand that transportation reverse logistics (or reverse logistics in general for that matter) is much more than just a flashy buzzword. It’s an integral part of helping your company thrive in today’s competitive business world. A key part of that is that you fully understand not only what reverse logistics involves and how it can help you, but what its history is.


Reverse logistics really does go back further than most people realize. The key reason that it’s only now getting the attention it deserves is through the development of transportation reverse logistics programs that help improve efficiency throughout the process.


With that said, we have assembled and written the Ultimate Guide to Transportation Reverse logistics as we have finalized our new technology product for Transportation Reverse Logistics. You can download a copy of the industry leading white paper by filling out the form to the right and below.


Cerasis developed, as an added functionality to our proprietary transportation management system, the Cerasis Rater, a transportation reverse logistics product in order to serve our shipper customers and future shipper customers to seamlessly handle returns, especially core returns, and warranty policies in the automotive aftermarket for Less-Than-Truckload shipping. However, for anyone who is looking to implement automation features, gain visibility into, and start reaping the benefits of an efficient transportation reverse logistics process, the Cerasis Reverse Logistics technology product is the only choice.


Inspection and Sorting for Reverse Logistics in E-Commerce


blog7The main purpose of inspection and sorting is to stream the returned items to the path of highest selling price or recovery value. This process is often combined or is attached to the receiving process since it is a logical next step while the inbound goods are being handled.

At this stage, the customer goods have been received and their credits have been processed and satisfied. Now it is time to satisfy your corporate needs. This is best done by recovering the highest value possible from the returned goods.


Training and product knowledge are often important for the inspection and sorting process. It is a labor intensive process. The better your team understands the products, the faster they can make decisions on how to process the products and the greater the likelihood of them capturing a higher recovery for that item.


Asset Recovery


blog8Processing the returned items is often set up in an assembly line format to enable easy separation of the product as it flows to the next stage. Processing is very dependent on the type of products being handled. Depending on the volumes you need to handle, several stages may be required to streamline the processing. Often similar products or items requiring similar processing are physically streamed and consolidated until there is enough volume to move it to the next stage (i.e. when a pallet is full). Sometimes tests or test equipment is used to determine how to stream an item.


Download The Ultimate Guide Transportation Reverse Logistics White Paper


This white paper is perfect for those who are looking to secure the benefits realized of a transportation reverse logistics capability, such as:


  • Decreasing the total costs of freight and transportation in the reverse logistics process as you hand off routing and other time sensitive issues in transportation reverse logistics to a partner
  • Consolidation – the consolidation of multiple returns into one shipment further reducing costs
  • Centralized management suite that is built on ease of use and plugged into a robust transportation management system
  • Increase customer satisfaction from tighter transportation reverse logistics processes
  • Turn your transportation reverse logistics practice into a profit center
  • And more which are listed in this industry leading white paper….


Interested in learning more about the Cerasis Transportation Reverse Logistics product? Schedule a Demo of this product today.


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