Software licensing is an alternative to shrink-wrapped software. Volume license programs generally offer cost savings based on quantity, while making it easier to install multiple copies over networks by means of imaging or automated deployment tools.

Volume licensing allows organisations the opportunity to streamline their software purchasing, negotiate discounts, simplify software deployments, achieve management economies and easily maintain a software asset management program to ensure software compliance. Volume licensing agreements are available from most major vendors in the commercial, government and education sectors.

Regal IT provides a comprehensive software licensing service that ranges from advice and consultancy, to software procurement and long term software asset management.

For ad-hoc software orders or as your preferred software supplier, Regal IT offers exceptional service levels. Looking for a particular title, software with a particular function, or urgent product activation keys? Regal IT has established links to distributors and manufacturers across the world and can usually find and deliver the software you need with rapid turnaround. If you already know what software you need why not request a quote or if you would like to discuss your options please contact us today.