Whether you purchased your software from Regal IT or elsewhere, your software renewals subscription can be maintained with us, and we will provide you with timely annual reminders and competitive quotes. Our staff keeps agreement anniversaries under review and our account management process ensures that your agreement entitlements are utilised and your access to vendor support is assured. Some of the benefits of software license renewals include:

Excellent financial savings

We will negotiate for lower license renewals costs and secure the best rates for our customers.

Renewal date consolidation and less admin cost

We will consolidate as many licenses as possible, thereby reducing the overall number of contracts, as well as administrative costs.

Renewal date notifications

Regal IT has listened to its clients’ concerns and has developed a renewals system with auto-notifications; this will provide any individual with ample time needed in order to renew their software license. These notifications will allow the finance department to plan their yearly license fees and supplementary license payments ahead of time. There is no need for nasty surprises when it comes to Regal IT!

World-class service

Via telephone or email and available when you need them, our renewals helpdesk services will provide you with the answers to your questions.

Renewing software subscriptions is usually an annual task. Let Regal IT take care of this for you with a peerless service and a comprehensive support system. With thousands of supported products, Regal IT is the only software renewal partner you will ever need.