Get the right technology for your business with expert advice and competitive pricing.

Regal IT simplifies the process of obtaining IT products and services by taking on the responsibility of IT procurement.

Our ongoing strategic partnerships with the world’s leading technology vendors allow us to deliver best-of-class products and superior service. We pass on the benefits of these partnerships, with competitive pricing, improved service and solid advice on the right technology for your business.

Regal IT can help with:

  • Hardware and Software advice;
  • Coordination of procurement and delivery;
  • Accessing preferential pricing through Ricoh’s partnership levels;
  • Finance options.

Whether your business is planning a large technology refresh, or you need to source computer equipment for your employees, Regal IT can simplify the task by procuring the hardware and software required on your behalf. Our experienced Sales Team will help you from start to finish, and can use our in-house financing solution to make sure you get the right technology at the best price, delivered when you need it.

In order to stay abreast of all the rapid changes facing large organisations, as well as any new market trends and technologies, Regal IT has formed partnerships with some of the world’s leading technology providers. To ensure we – and therefore you – stay ahead of the curve, Regal IT has a dedicated team that monitors any changes and via a continual education program ensures our engineers are expert in all the latest developments.

The benefits of these developments are then passed on to our clients – through strategic advice, expert delivery and access to preferential pricing from some of the world’s leading technology vendors.