Regal IT can provide a very competitive procurement service that assists you and your business to increase agility and reduce operational expenditure. We help you along this journey of organisational change and competitive advantage by advising and delivering you with quality products for the best price.

We pride ourselves in our extensive partner relationships which have matured over 13 years of business within the IT industry. Our consultants through to our licensing team have attained the recommended certifications for Regal IT to be recognised as not only a reseller but a trusted advisor. This provides you with the reassurance that the advice and recommendations Regal IT put forward are also within the best interest of you as a customer.


  • Access to the world’s leading vendors while being vendor agnostic, allowing Regal IT to recommend the right technology that best suits your environment.
  • Enjoy our economies of scale and vendor support, as well as our attractive and flexible pricing.
  • Access to Regal IT’s support team for advice on new and innovative technologies
  • The ability to speak with Regal IT’s licensing team who will liaise with you to discover your licensing needs for your organisations future growth plans
  • We are certified and skilled in enterprise solutions, networks, servers, virtualisation, SANs, disaster recovery, security and storage.
  • Hardware maintenance and License renewal management for all vendors and technologies