Enterprise Support from Regal IT adds value to your business by providing support when it’s needed the most and allows your IT team to focus on the business while we focus on the core infrastructure.

Our tailored service ensures that the individual needs of your business are met. We can be as agile and as flexible as you want us to be. With our pool of expertise of over 100 years combined experience, Regal IT can provide that extra assurance you need to make sure the challenges with your environment are met.

Business Benefits

  • Cost effective Managed Service that is flexible to suit your needs
  • Augment your current skill set, providing support when you need it
  • Peace of mind by avoiding issues before they become a crisis
  • Free up internal IT resources for critical strategic projects and business initiatives
  • Assurance that your Citrix environment is constantly supported and compliant with best practice
  • Accelerated response times, speak to Citrix accredited consultants when you need them

Service Solution

We offer you complete flexibility so you can pick and choose the right support for your environment. Prior to any support, an initial review of your environment will take place to identify any remediation work necessary to align your environment with best practice. We will work with you to identify the most appropriate components in line with your existing IT requirements.

The following components make up our Enterprise Support offering:

Escalations – During business hours you will be able to contact the Enterprise Support team through our designated service line for any issue requiring attention. The Enterprise Support Team will take ownership of the issue and work through to resolution during this time in line with agreed SLA’s.

24 x 7 Reactive On-Call Support – Regal IT has a team of dedicated Citrix Engineers and Consultants on standby in the event of any system failure. This option will provide you with a Reactive service, whereby we will wait for a call to come through from you to initiate any response.

24 x 7 Monitoring – Regal IT will continually monitor your Citrix environment. Proactive monitoring of the Citrix Environment enables us to identify problems as they are developing, and respond accordingly.

Proactive On-Call Support – This, in conjunction with the monitoring option, will provide you with a proactive service, where we will monitor your environment 24/ 7 and in the event of an incident the on-call resource will attempt to remediate any issue identified.

Daily Checks – Daily checks by the Enterprise Support team will take place to ensure the Citrix environment is fully operational. Each day you will receive an automated report via email, highlighting the status of the environment to allow time to resolve any issues that may arise before the working day begins.

Quarterly Health Checks – Our Health Check process will involve the review and analysis of your Citrix environment every quarter. They can be performed remotely or onsite, with the report results available to be presented upon completion.

Quarterly Patching – This support will take place every quarter and include deploying Citrix patches issued and recommended by Citrix. Regal IT works exclusively with the latest security patches. This will provide you with the assurance that the Citrix environment remains stable, mitigating any risk to the business.