Regal IT’s Infrastructure As A Service (powered by CenturyLink) combines a private cloud platform with best of breed technology implementations. This powerful combination equips your business with the tools to rapidly build, control and customize your IT environment.Regal Infrastructure As A Service eliminates the capital burden of investing in expensive physical server deployments that often go underutilized. Every component of Regal Infrastructure As A Service supports the demands placed on your infrastructure without the burden of long-term contracts or the lead time of traditional deployments. With Dedicated Cloud you are able to deploy compute resources quickly and easily when you need them and turn them off when you do not.

Regal Infrastructure As A Service offers enterprises a way to reshape their environments to meet the needs of hybrid IT without sacrificing security and performance.

Flexible, Scalable, and Always Available

Flexibility is an essential component of any cloud solution. Regal Infrastructure As A Service services are built upon a fully redundant architecture and are designed to eliminate downtime. Our dynamic architecture can move instances between physical servers without service interruption, keeping your production environment and applications up and running without compromising performance.

Using virtualization technology powered by VMware, your Regal Infrastructure As A Service solution can be partitioned into multiple self-contained virtual machines, each capable of running its own operating system and set of applications, dramatically reducing the high cost and management hassles that accompany server sprawl.

Security First and Foremost

Security requirements are top of mind in Regal Infrastructure As A Service deployments. CenturyLink managed security services can be integrated seamlessly into your hosting solution providing protection against threats. We architect critical security controls upfront as key components of Regal Infrastructure As A Service so that business functionality remains agile. Additionally, VMware technology partitions instances, segregating each customer’s instances and data in a dedicated environment.

Managing Your Environment

Whether you’re supporting seasonal site traffic, expanding your IT environment or optimizing for application workloads, Regal Infrastructure As A Service can dramatically improve operational efficiencies while reducing the total cost of ownership (TCO). We provide a scalable, agile infrastructure that gives you control through the portal to add resources as you need them — in a matter of minutes, not days.

Key Benefits include:

Operating system management.

Regal IT will maintain the operating system, thoroughly testing each upgrade, service pack and patch. Regal IT will also work with you to distribute updates utilizing our proprietary inventory distribution capabilities.

Disaster Recovery

A Dedicated VMware® vCenter Server™ offers companies that are already running VMware in their data centres the ability to seamlessly replicate workloads to a Dedicated Cloud Compute infrastructure and manage failover automation using VMware vCenter™ Site Recovery Manager™.

Security patch deployment.

We deliver critical security patches and service packs to maintain the integrity and performance of your solution

Hot fixes and non-security patches

We evaluate hot fixes and non-security patches to determine their urgency and impact, and follow the same rigorous guidelines for testing and integrating them as we do with service pack upgrades. CenturyLink provides support that extends beyond the walls of our data centres and network operations centre (NOC), and because we give you full visibility into your hosting environment, you always know the status of every component of your solution.