Protecting your organization’s data is a must, but when it comes to how, there are lots of options and you must consider the risk and reward of each choice. One option, the cloud-based disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS), is growing in popularity, especially among SMBs and mid-sized organizations. Unlike managing your own secondary site, DRaaS eliminates the cost of an off-site location, IT infrastructure, and personnel.

Introducing the Regal IT DR & Backup as a Service (powered by Arcserve Cloud): A single, unified platform for backup, disaster recovery, and long-term retention.

The Regal IT DR & Backup as a Service empowers SMBs and mid-sized organizations to complete their data protection strategy with a seamless means to achieve disaster recovery and business continuity. It ensures that your precious systems and data are fully protected and available offsite so that your business can remain “always on.” Simply connect your Unified Data Protection (UDP) platform to the Regal IT DR & Backup as a Service and go!

  • Secure offsite disaster recovery and disaster recovery testing without up-front investment and maintenance of secondary sites, infrastructure, and personnel
  • Remote virtual standby for emergency application failover and failback
  • Long-term cloud backup storage as an alternative to local disk or tape for regulatory compliance
  • Global, source-side deduplication and WAN optimized replication, for highly efficient use of backup storage and available WAN bandwidth
  • Rapid deployment via a jumpstart offline synchronization service
  • Ease of management with 24 x 7 x 365 support

How it Works:

Regal IT DR & Backup As A Service is offered as a service extension to Regal IT’s Unified Data Protection (UDP) platform, a next-generation solution that leverages global deduplication, encryption, compression, and WAN-optimized replication. The service is based on the protected capacity of your UDP platform and stores a configurable number of daily, weekly, and monthly backups for one base price.

The Regal IT DR & Backup As A Service automatically replicates your backup images from the on-premise recovery point server (RPS) to a corresponding RPS in the cloud (disk to disk to cloud). You manage the entire backup process from the UDP console, specifying the backup source, destination, and retention.

Key Features & Benefits

Extension of Unified Data Protection (UDP) Platform

  • A single, fully integrated solution with redundant storage to ensure full data protection
  • Supports D2D, D2D2T, and now D2D to cloud; Windows® and Linux™-based applications; physical and virtual machines; vSphere® and Hyper-V hypervisors

Secure End-to-End Replication

  • Comprehensive 256-bit AES encryption of data at the source, in flight, and in the cloud
  • Secure SSAE16 certified data centers

Global Source-Side Deduplication

  • Deduplication and compression for data at rest and in flight
  • Built-in WAN optimization for optimal network performance
  • An average of 70-90% reduction in backup storage

Simplified Subscription-Based Licensing

  • Simple and cost-effective subscription-based licensing mechanism, with annual renewal and no cancellation fees
  • Six sizes: 3TB, 6TB, 9TB, 16TB, 20TB, and 30TB that correspond to the onpremise RPS server footprint/Arcserve Appliance
  • Any size combination as long as it is larger than 3TB for Arcserve UDP software
  • Optional DRaaS (remote virtual standby) for disaster recovery

Jumpstart Courier Service

  • Offline synchronization to accelerate the replication of backups and VM’s into the Arcserve Cloud

Disaster Recovery as a Service

  • Virtual machine spin-up in the cloud in the event of disaster
  • Instant recovery of VMs of less than one hour
  • Immediate access to data through a secure VPN once a disaster recovery event is declared and server boots from warm standby
  • Automated disaster recovery testing with application level recovery, and RTO, RPO, and SLA confirmation