Regal IT is an award winning Managed Services, IT consulting and product provider to Australian enterprise customers. We have one simple goal; to make you more successful through better selection, implementation and management of your Information Technology by aligning IT to your business needs.

Regal IT has carved out a reputation for providing straight dealing and a savvy approach to IT. We understand the pressing need for firms to get more value for their dollar without neglecting Information Technology’s mission critical importance in giving you a competitive advantage.

Whether it is simply product procurement, pay-as-you-go consultancy, fixed price project work or a full or hybrid managed service, Regal, as your vendor independent trusted advisor, has the IT expertise that will give you a guaranteed quality solution at the right price.

Most importantly, we have consultants that will fit into your organisational culture, who have the vendor qualifications and experience to walk you through your unique project no matter how small or large.

The Regal IT Way

As the first step is our early consultation with you, Regal IT aims to create a solution that truly meets your needs as a client and as a business. Developing such solutions can be challenging; this mostly occurs when we are not given the correct information to provide the best solution for your business needs. As a result, we have pioneered a flexible methodology that we know can help us achieve mutually beneficial goals.

As a trusted advisor we often find that during our client engagement we are not introduced to the right people this can result in conflicting expectations. At times clients can be unrealistic about time, money and people needed to get the project done properly and in accordance to quality control standards.

At Regal IT we do not tell, we do not accept and we do not guess. We listen, look for alternatives, and provide you with a process and methodology that minimises risk thereby giving you the tools you need to implement a solution as fast and efficiently as possible with the aim of providing quality solutions that aligns IT to your business.

No Assumptions

At Regal IT, we do not assume and do not guess, we ask questions. We believe that in order for us to provide the best service to you and your organisation, we have to truly understand your business needs and integrate IT infrastructure accordingly.

Stop For Yellow Lights

At Regal IT we believe in open and honest communication in our consultation process. If we feel that there are concerns developing, it is important for both the consultant and client to stop, assess the situation, and to rectify any problems and to consider whether our services are a true fit.

At Regal IT, we believe in ensuring both Regal IT and the client has the same goals and objectives. We both want a solution that meets your needs and believe that it is a win-win situation if we are both working towards the same goals and objectives, making project management easier.

We by-pass games, lazy thinking and illusions to get to a core understanding of you and your business needs. In order to really get to the heart of your needs, we must increase awareness of what really is going on. After all, our number one priority is to align IT to business.

We build on relationships, trust and integrity. We do this both internally and with our clients by following our three core philosophies. These philosophies remind us of the organisational behaviours that differentiate us:

  • Straight Dealing;
  • Continuously grow and improve;
  • Savvy approach to IT.

Straight Dealing

We believe in being honest and taking a candid approach when engaging with you and your organisation. We bypass the games, facades and defences to get to a core understanding of your business needs. We provide you and your organisation with a heightened awareness of what is really going on and give you choices on how to respond. We value open and honest communication in all our engagements with clients. In IT, there is no solution that is exact or perfect; what we do is guide you in brainstorming ideas, resulting in quality solutions that achieve great results.

Continuously Grow and Improve

Part of IT is about business process innovation; helping your business to achieve operational efficiencies. At Regal IT, we make it our priority to continuously research and learn about new and emerging technologies, resulting in our staff being able to provide you and your organisation with informed and up to date choices for your IT needs.

Savvy Approach to IT

Our team of Engineers and Consultants are industry and technology specialists, meaning that we are able to respond to challenging situations in a fast and effective manner, ensuring that your business continues to operate as normal.


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